Saturday, 22 November 2008

Travian Progress

I’m playing Travian more actively these days. That is occupying my mind at
the moment. Trying to work out different strategies how to survive and

Some of the players around have grown so strong that it is impossible for
players at my level to resist. There is simply no way to counter the number of
troops they have gathered.

My neighbours, who were stronger than me until recently, started loosing the
population. I sent one of them a message and he told me he’s getting catapulted.
This means it is better for me not to resist any attack or try to build an army,
otherwise the whole village will be destroyed.

Some players from the alliance I’m in are also being destroyed by other
strong players. Soon it will be game over for most of the middle-level players.
The weak ones are already out, I’d say. All the smaller villages in the region
have been abandoned, concluding by their non-moving size. They are now a simple
farms for the stronger players.


  1. I do not know do you still have available building places inside village, but build as much crannies as you need in order to preserve resources from attacker and to develop further. Best way to resist atacker is that his plunder is not success.

    Do you play on Bosnian or Australian or some other server?

    I must admit that I have 11 villages ;) on one of Bosnian servers...

  2. hey,

    I'm on 2nd Australian server.
    The crannies are all over the place. I even started demolishing other buildings just so I can stash enough resources to start a new village.
    But the attackers now have battering rams so they can destroy anything. How can one defend from that?
    I'm also trying to accumulate some troops at an ally's village but that seems futile after seeing some of the attacking armies. :S
    Since when have you been playing?

  3. I am playing since end of April, I think... On 2nd Bosnian server.

    Here in Bosnia we are all nice people, so we do not demolish villages if not necessary, contrary to Australians, obviously :( That is why I do not have any clever advice regarding your situation.

    What size are attacks? Is it in level of 1000 or rather 10000 units?

    I also had some difficulties at begging, since I joined late (server started at February) so I was small player. Now, I am at top 500. I guess your trouble is that you joined late as well..

  4. Thanks to you and some people I talked to on the server, I'm not giving up hope.
    Working hard on building a new village as soon as possible.
    I demolished some unnecessary buildings in the first village and now I have lots of crannies. Training first settlers at the moment. I guess there is still a way to survive. :)
    The strongest attacks I have seen were 1300 axemen. So, a lower range, I guess.

    Not only I was a bit late but I think people here pay for the Plus subscription and have their production boosted. I reckon some take it seriously. :))
    Good luck.