Saturday, 28 November 2009


Last week I travelled to Indonesia. It was a one-week trip. Initially, I thought it would be more than enough for an escape but it turned out to be very short time to see and experience even a small number of things there.
I spent some time in Jakarta, a weekend on Bali, and took a one-day trip to Yogyakarta. I’ve visited some beautiful places in Jakarta. Pacific Place shopping center that could easily be in the middle of New York or somewhere like that. I think this is where the bombings were about a month or two ago. I’ve experienced Jakarta traffic – to get to the airport it can take anywhere from half an hour to two hours. Experienced both!
Bali is a story on its own. Visited places that are way off the tourist tracks. Been to villages high in the mountains among the rice fields. Got lost riding around the island. Generally, if there is a heaven on Earth, this could easily be it. Haven’t seen some of the most recommended places to visit. So I left something for another visit sometimes, which is good. :)
Yogyakarta was a hidden gem, an unexpected positive surprise. I have seen some old temples, beautiful people, bargained on the street, and walked through this beautiful town. Borobudur, a Buddhist temple from 8th century is a wonder in itself.
Overall, a beautiful new experience, tropical climate, interesting people, great food… with some thoughtful and sensible conversations brought back some meaning and sense into my life.

Photos are here.

Thursday, 19 November 2009

STI & STD Tests in Melbourne

Melbourne Sexual Health Centre is Victoria’s largest clinic for the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of Sexually Transmissible Infections (STI). Their services are free and confidential.

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Melbourne International Airport – Flight Schedule

Here is the link to the Flight Schedule page for the Melbourne International Airport – link. Useful for last-minute check of the flight schedule and any changes. Touch wood, that has not happened yet in my travels.


Here’s a tourist site for Yogja and, more precisely, Borobudur – link. It has some amazing photographs of the place. Definitely something worth seeing while in Indonesia.

World Standards – Electricity

Looking for the information about electrical plugs in Indonesia, I came across an awesome page that describes electrical standards throughout the world. Voltage, frequency, plugs and sockets are all shown here together with world maps that display the distribution of each standard. Excellent resource to check before any international travel.

As it turns out, Indonesia has the same plugs (C and F) that are used in continental Europe so I can use my existing plug adapters for Australian plugs.

Electricity around the world

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Iceland - Renewable Energy

Years back, in 2004 I think, I studied an Environmental Science course as a part of my curriculum. It counted as both science and social science credit. My main paper in this class was about Iceland's 30-year plan on becoming a renewable energy country, transferring it's whole use of energy to renewable sources.
How weird it is today, in the company I work for, that I actually met a guy who sat in the committee that recommended this plan to the Government for approval. Things like this don't happen too often. Or maybe they do? The theme of moving the whole economy to use renewable sources was a grand one. I used the Iceland story to illustrate the point, citing conclusions and achievements made during that project in it's early stages, in various discussions on the topic.
Now the things became more realistic, talking to a person who was closely involved in the process. Just like with many other things, once discovered they become much more real and loose a sense of magic and romance to them. However, I appreciate the experience earned in the process. Guess that's life.