Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Iceland - Renewable Energy

Years back, in 2004 I think, I studied an Environmental Science course as a part of my curriculum. It counted as both science and social science credit. My main paper in this class was about Iceland's 30-year plan on becoming a renewable energy country, transferring it's whole use of energy to renewable sources.
How weird it is today, in the company I work for, that I actually met a guy who sat in the committee that recommended this plan to the Government for approval. Things like this don't happen too often. Or maybe they do? The theme of moving the whole economy to use renewable sources was a grand one. I used the Iceland story to illustrate the point, citing conclusions and achievements made during that project in it's early stages, in various discussions on the topic.
Now the things became more realistic, talking to a person who was closely involved in the process. Just like with many other things, once discovered they become much more real and loose a sense of magic and romance to them. However, I appreciate the experience earned in the process. Guess that's life.

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