Sunday, 23 September 2012

Internet TV & Documentaries

The time has come when we can choose our own viewing content. There is so much of it available on the Internet that we can watch what we want, when we want it. The TV channels are getting next to obsolete. Here is a few sources of content I use...
Documentary films:
  • Top Documentary Films (link)
  • Journeyman (link)
  • Top Documentaries (link)
  • Documentary Addict (link)
  • TED (link)
  • (link)
  • PBS (link)
  • InfoWars (link)
  • University of California TV (link)
  • Documentary Heaven (link)
  • Documentary Log (link)
  • Watch Documentary (link)
  • World Mysteries (link)
  • Cosmos Documentaries (link)
  • DocMasters (link), A.A.
Note that some of the sites above simply link to documentary films freely available on the Internet and therefore have a lot of the same contents.

Food documentaries:
TV channels and lists for watching TV online: