Saturday, 20 February 2010

Altona Visit

What a wonderful day. First a friend and I searched for tennis courts around Melbourne on Gogle Earth and found some nice ones in Royal Park. There is 14 courts as a part of a club there and there are some more not far from that place. While the friend was checking for a price, the woman on the phone told him it was too hot today and that he should go to the beach instead.

Then I went to Altona to confirm the new place and talk to the owner. The owner was so cool, he gave me two weeks half rent since I will not be moving in immediately but only after our four weeks notice expire. The Internet has also been arranged.

In Altona everything is close by, at two minutes walk. RSL, shops, cafes, supermarket… Saw a lot of retirees from ex Yugoslavia playing bocce in the park. There is a library nearby. That means I could spend more time in the near future reading books or watching movies. I can read on the train. Went to the beach and walked in the water. If I did not have cold I’d have a swim. I might start to getting used to living on the shore and go for regular swims. There is a bus line to Coburg and eastern parts of the city. I topped up myki card and used it on a train for the first time.

On the other side of the street where the new place is there are several grass ovals. Perfect for jogging and exercising. Right next to that is a big lake with a bike/jogging path around. It looked as such a perfect environment for running around. I also found an indoor pool and some tennis courts.

I have such a wonderful feeling about Altona. Loved it so much that I even spent some time daydreaming and looking at houses for rest and sale. There is everything I'd want in that place.

Thinking of my time arrangements during the day, I plan to cook more to practice my culinary skills. There will be more time to prepare food and even have the lunch at work. Also enough time and shops close by to get milk and cereals for breakfast every day.

Being in Altona feels like being on a holiday. Now that I came back home the city now looks so busy and crowded.

Had an Apple cider on the Yarra shore after I came back, then had a look at some cool festival on alternative lifestyle - healthy food and alternative sources of energy - solar and even bike (pedal) powered. There was a solar panel supplying enough power for a water turbine.

Yeah, today was such a great day. I’m also feeling better and my coughing is almost gone.

Forgot to mention, Altona is the home of Australian aviation. Back to the roots. :)

Friday, 12 February 2010

St.Kilda Laughs Festival

I just won the tickets to St.Kilda Laugs Festival at work. This is awesome for a couple of reasons. First, it is a comedy festival and I am really happy to go and watch the shows. I had a really good time watching some shows during Melbourne Comedy Festival in the previous years. And second, I simply knew I was going to win this one. :)
I’m not used to this sort of thing where a company has the budget for entertainment. Most the projects and companies I worked for had nothing like it. It is a quite nice surprise (although I said I knew I was going to win, I know)…