Friday, 16 October 2009


For the merging with another company, we received a small gift by the new owners. iPod Nano 8GB with a video camera and microphone. This is a small token of appreciation but, nevertheless, leaves a nice feeling. Especially considering we never got anything from the previous company owners. Not even a simple thanks for all the efforts and Saturdays and Sundays spent at work.
Now I'm adding Balasevic songs onto the player so I can listen to them when I'm outside. All these people looked funny to me when I saw everyone carrying the earphones while walking or running. Now I'm joining them, I guess.

Monday, 12 October 2009

Citizenship Update

Today I called to book the citizenship test as I heard that there are long waiting queues for these. So I wanted to book earlier. However, in Melbourne, the schedule was full until the 9th of November. The further schedule has not been released yet as there are changes going forward on 19th of October.
The changes include no mandatory questions in the citizenship test, questions written in plain English, a new preparation book, and a passmark raised from 60% to 75% correct answers.
The test will now be taken AFTER the citizenship application has been submitted and as a part of that process. It is not required to do a test before the application. I did the online sample test and had 19 out of 20 questions correct. (wohoo)

Another positive fact is that holidays abroad are not taken into considerations (are not considered as being absent from Australia for residence requirements purposes) if they are shorter than 3 months. This effectively cuts my expected residence time down for 2 months. Instead of March 2010, I should now be eligible for citizenship in January.
The counter has just gone to 150 yesterday and now, taking into consideration the above provision, it goes instantly to 92! Only three months left. Now I'm positively surprised and puzzled to a point as this was unexpected.

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Irish Vote Could Cause the Move in EU

Irish vote last Friday was overwhelmingly positive, supporting the Lisbon treaty. This would move the EU in the direction of federalization. It is expected that the foreign-ministry for the whole of EU would be formed now. This would greatly help the Balkans and especially Bosnia and Herzegovina where the EU administration is as chaotic as the local Bosnian one.
This vote would also disperse Germany and France's reasons for vetoing the further EU enlargement. Hopefully things move from the dead end now...