Monday, 25 February 2008

Photos: Williamstown

Williamstown Album
From the trip to Williamstown on Sunday. Photos from Albert Park will be posted in March. :) Been to the Formula 1 track, riding my bicycle on it. :)

Tuesday, 19 February 2008


I have finally picked up a superannuation fund manager and decided on the funds to use. Tomorrow I will complete the application with someone from the finance department.
Checked some credit cards online and applied with St.George. Now off to shopping and cooking. :)

Monday, 18 February 2008

First Day at Work

Well, here I am... Funny to find that Monday is a relaxed day here. Probably because many were working the weekend but today the place looks relaxed. I'm going through the forms and paperwork. Now I need to find a superannuation fund or join a standard one they are using.
Looks nice. There are windows in the office. :) It's a whole floor. Nice views, too. Got sushi for lunch. Nice and easy start. Days will go much faster now and I'm hardly waiting to move closer to the city. It took me about forty minutes to get to work this morning.
There are showers in here so it's possible to go to the gym and then have a shower and change. I'll see about cycling to work. It takes about the same amount of time from Armadale.
That's a quick post for now. It's already 1pm.

Sunday, 17 February 2008


Sunday... Again, some time to relax and stroll around the suburbs. Yesterday and today I was lazy in the morning, going out only after noon. Yesterday I've been to the city to talk to my folks in the evening. Had a nice chat with Lola around noon.
Today I've had enough of computer, defragmenting and checking disks so I decided to go out cycling towards St.Kilda. Went down the High Street to Albert Lake. The grass was so soft that I laid down in the palm shade and had a nap. Then I went around through the Formula 1 track to the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Center. The thing is big! Too bad I forgot to bring my swimming suit, otherwise I'd spend the day there.
Then down to St. Kilda and then North to Port Melbourne. Through the Docklands to the Marine. That area is quite nice and quiet. Crossed Webb Bridge to Southern Cross Station and then down the banks to Federation Square. I love the place. I have loads of photos from the trip. There is only 15MB left on the Flickr for this month so I might upload some of them later.
Tomorrow is my first working day in the Southern hemisphere. :)

Thursday, 14 February 2008


So far I got into conversations with people from India, Sri Lanka, Kenia, China, Germany... And, of course, Australia and some ex-Yu. There is something that ties them all together here.


Yesterday I was in a local library at Malvern. Almost forgot what it looks like to be in a library. Loads of books, CDs, DVDs. Computer access to Internet. Limited to 30 minutes, though, and from library computers only.
I was amazed by the amount of books. A lot of interesting ones. I could spend an enormous amount of time just reading them.
Anyway, it was a nice feeling to see a real library again. The State Library I didn't even want to check for too long. I'd probably stay just browsing the whole day...

On the Streets

On the streets of Melbourne I see a lot of interesting details. But I tend to forget them and/or get used to them soon enough to write anything about them. And I can't be bothered to take the camera out every time and take photos.
I see a lot of ads on the shops' windows. Full and part-time positions are available in many places. I'm wondering if I should look for something to do part-time. It could make up for the food costs and maybe some more, who knows.
There are so many European cars on the streets. Today I even thought there was more BMWs here than in Germany. And when I see Passats and Golfs I feel right at home. :)

Australian Lifestyle

Australian Lifestyle
Added links to Australian quotes charts at NetQuote. The market is moving up again.


Last night, during a dinner at an Indian restaurant with a friend, got a call from a nice group of people I was actually hoping to live with. They have selected me to get a room at their house. Wow, was that a surprise. My feelings are a bit mixed as I have already rented a place and paid two months in advance but, nonetheless, this is an unbeatable offer. The place is only 5 minutes walk to the CBD, in a veeeery nice and quiet area. This is excellent regarding those night shifts I'm about to do at work.
I'm getting along really well with my current flatmates. They are very friendly. It appears that how you treat people, they treat you the same so I'm quite happy. My current place is about half an hour to the city on a bicycle, along Yarra River. Nice bicycle tracks there. I love those parts that are just above the water. Although the tracks run beside a highway, I'd never tell as it is so quiet along the river. Beautiful.
I was so happy last night when I got the call. It put things into a different perspective. All of a sudden everything seems so much better. I was a bit depressed with the search for a place. It took a bit longer than expected but still quick enough. These days I'm getting a little bit homesick. I probably forgot all the bad things that made me come here and now I think only of my family and friends. Looking forward to see them again soon.
The whole path from Toorak to the city is just great. It would too many photos to show but I'll take a few every now and then. The feeling is just great.
This whole Australia trip and adventure is quite an experience.

Wednesday, 13 February 2008


Got myself a ride today. Shogun bike, aluminum frame, nice one. Got a helmet, a lock, lights. Rode it to the city. It's much more interesting than riding on a train or a tram. Get to know the streets, see the stuff around.
For the internet, I decided to go with Unwired because they can be paid month by month without contract.
No need to get a superannuation account yet. Vanguard is looking for $20,000 initial investment, which is insane since it's a new account. Anyway, the company might have something that the others use as well so I'll see about that later.
I should send off the health insurance forms as well.

The area I'm in now is very nice for walking around, looking, dreaming...
There are bicycle paths along the Yarra River towards Toorak. I used them partially to get to the city. It's very nice and convenient. Will see how those 7.5 kilometers feels like on a separate path and without traffic lights (mostly).

Tuesday, 12 February 2008


The links to photos will be posted in the Site Updates blog to avoid duplicate posts. They belong to the photo gallery of the site, anyway.

Job Offer

Got a final job offer today. Accepted. Should start working on Monday, 9am.
Hope I'm off to a good start in the new world. Not too excited but it's a nice start.
I'll be working night shifts so I have to find means of transport in the small hours, when the trains don't operate. A motorcycle would do good at this point.
Also I need some new clothes. Have to open a superannuation account on Friday.
Welcome to the machine...

Monday, 11 February 2008


Got a room today, finally. No reply from the people I've visited on Saturday. This place was available immediately so I took it.
Unwired has a plan similar to Vodafone's and the place is within coverage. I'll still have to see about naked DSL.

Also been to the second interview with an HR person and an owner of the company. We'll see how it goes by Wednesday.
Things are moving. Have to keep them that way. :)

Sunday, 10 February 2008

Photos: St.Kilda Festival - Sunday

Photos are here.
It was a fantastic day. Didn't expect it to be this fun. Lots of people, music, food and drinks. Some Luna Park machines were in the park so I had to try a couple of them.
Later, a long walk to the Port Melbourne.
Photos say a lot. Thought of my friends as I was walking around...

Saturday, 9 February 2008

Postcards and Bosnian Postal Service

All my friends and family outside Bosnia reported that they received postcards I sent along the way when I was traveling to Melbourne. Australian ones were the fastest. The ones from Singapore came a day or so later but were sent at least five days earlier. And the one from Istanbul, I don't know as I don't remember if or who I mailed from there.
Anyway, my parents did not get any of it. Stupid Bosnian Postal Service, what else can I say? :(

Saturday in Melbourne

Today I'm happy again as things are moving. Went to check some rental properties, find a few others along the way. Riding between the apartments and the agents, I probably made a dozen kilometers on a bicycle.
Saw an auction on the street. A house was sold for $480,000. It was amazing just to stand in the crowd and listen. Well, one day I'll probably laugh at this post but right now $480,000 I can only dream of. And I hope I never buy a house priced that much. Would rather spend it on travel. Probably I could go all over the world for that amount.
Later bought Saturday edition of The Age. There was probably 2 kilograms of paper, priced at $2.2. There was a couple of special editions - work, business, property, sport, cars. Checked rental ads and made a couple of inspections. The places and people look nice. I hope to hear back from them soon and finally make that move. Hardly waiting to, kind of, establish some sort of base.
Saturday night is reserved for calls back home. It's Saturday morning there and I speak to my family and friends over the net.
Getting sleepy at 10pm. This means I'm relaxing and getting into a routine. There's nothing on schedule tomorrow. No obligations. There's St.Kilda festival going on so that would be a nice way to spend the day. Just cycle South, see the beach finally, make some photos, get a feel at the festival, enjoy the day - finally!
I like it here. I keep saying this. Hope it doesn't work out as in that mail about Bosnian refugee who went to Canada.
Well, it's around 21 C during the day so I'm wearing pants and a dux. It's chilly when the wind blows and in the evening.
I'm getting into shape. Been on a bicycle the whole day and I'm not even sweating any more when I ride. And I got to know the main routes. I'm still finding better ways to move around but I generally know where I am and where I'm going so I don't have to check the iGo for street names.
Instead of going for a walk, as I originally intended, or going to see that concert in the Botanical Gardens, or just seeing what's going on in the city, I think I'm going home to sleep.
It's been a fun week. The next one could be even better as I might get that job offer and expect the callbacks from the rental places I've visited today.
Generally, there's way less stress than back home. Everything is moving smoothly...
I like it here. Yes, I do.

Friday, 8 February 2008

Photos: Carlton Gardens, and City at Night

Carlton gardens album
A few photos from Carlton Gardens and one try to catch the night...


Agent calls all the time. Arranging a second interview with an employer. They seem to be interested.
Still nothing regarding the apartment. Keep applying at dozens of ads daily. Spending days in the library, therefore. :)
It rains these days but dries quickly.
Went to apply for a driving test today but was told I have to hold the Learner's Permit for 3 months before I can apply for a driving test. I'll forget how to drive by that time. :))

Went for an inspection in Gore Street yesterday. Expect that and a few other calls. There are interesting places for rent but it takes long to get one with all these interviews, visits, etc. Most of the places advertised now will be available only in March.

Thursday, 7 February 2008

Private Medical Insurance

Applied with GMHBA and the papers got in last night. The post is really efficient here.
I've heard different opinions on taking medical insurance so I decided to take a couple of days before sending the papers out. I have two months after arrival for some administrative costs not to be calculated. And it's better to start working first, then calculate the medicare levy and other charges. The insurance coverage is not that good, the ambulance is not covered at all, etc. Makes one wonder why to take one.


Yesterday and today I'm into searching for a place to live. Went to pick up current offers at some agents, visit one place where noone was ever answering the phone, call others, etc.
Heard back from the recruitment agent. She said the company I did the interview with is happy and expecting an offer soon.
Today I looked at jobs at MyCarreer for the first time. I expected to find a place to stay first and then look around before starting to work but it's such an amazing country that my plans are tumbled upside-down again.
Arranged some inspections starting tonight and throughout the weekend and the next week. If I start working on Monday it will be harder to go inspect apartments but easier since I'll know what I can afford.

I looked at some suits yesterday. The dress code at the company is business official so I need another one of those. :)
Canceled the winery tour as there is a wine festival going on the same weekend so it's gonna be packed. And I have these inspections over the weekend so I'll delay the fun until later.

Tuesday, 5 February 2008


The brain does not always work as expected and I tend to forget some simple but important things that I put off my mind after I marked as "done" on my virtual todo list (in my mind, of course).
One of those was the ability to call overseas from my mobile phone at the same rate they charge local calls. The calls are obviously routed over VoIP but the quality is good when calling fixed phones and mobiles is also OK. I think it depends on the reception quality mostly.
Another one was the fact that there are web messengers. I was not able to connect from Mirando to MSN and I wrote to one of my friends that I'm not on MSN messenger these days and then it dawned on me that I have links to web versions of instant messengers that I often used (in my WWW links section).
The fact that I remembered these again means that I'm starting to relax and getting bored a bit. :P

Finally some time to post...

The previous ten days were hectic but I quite enjoyed them. I started my journey on Friday from Sarajevo. Had a stop-over in Istanbul for 7 hours. Then spent the weekend in Singapore. Been through Perth in the middle of the night and took off towards Melbourne at sunrise. Arrived to Melbourne at quarter to noon.
The rest was mostly chasing different documents, applying for this and that and now I have used some time on Sunday to ride through the city and actually take some photos. Not too many but just enough to show what it's like to just stroll down the city and neighboring areas.
I have finally felt relaxed today and managed to sleep during the day. This means that I have completed most of the things I planned to.

Photos of Melbourne

Ride to Albert Park
Images of Melbourne after a ride through the city over the weekend.

Sunday, 3 February 2008

Photos from the Trip

Photos from the trip Sarajevo-Melbourne. See album.