Thursday, 14 February 2008


Last night, during a dinner at an Indian restaurant with a friend, got a call from a nice group of people I was actually hoping to live with. They have selected me to get a room at their house. Wow, was that a surprise. My feelings are a bit mixed as I have already rented a place and paid two months in advance but, nonetheless, this is an unbeatable offer. The place is only 5 minutes walk to the CBD, in a veeeery nice and quiet area. This is excellent regarding those night shifts I'm about to do at work.
I'm getting along really well with my current flatmates. They are very friendly. It appears that how you treat people, they treat you the same so I'm quite happy. My current place is about half an hour to the city on a bicycle, along Yarra River. Nice bicycle tracks there. I love those parts that are just above the water. Although the tracks run beside a highway, I'd never tell as it is so quiet along the river. Beautiful.
I was so happy last night when I got the call. It put things into a different perspective. All of a sudden everything seems so much better. I was a bit depressed with the search for a place. It took a bit longer than expected but still quick enough. These days I'm getting a little bit homesick. I probably forgot all the bad things that made me come here and now I think only of my family and friends. Looking forward to see them again soon.
The whole path from Toorak to the city is just great. It would too many photos to show but I'll take a few every now and then. The feeling is just great.
This whole Australia trip and adventure is quite an experience.

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