Tuesday, 5 February 2008


The brain does not always work as expected and I tend to forget some simple but important things that I put off my mind after I marked as "done" on my virtual todo list (in my mind, of course).
One of those was the ability to call overseas from my mobile phone at the same rate they charge local calls. The calls are obviously routed over VoIP but the quality is good when calling fixed phones and mobiles is also OK. I think it depends on the reception quality mostly.
Another one was the fact that there are web messengers. I was not able to connect from Mirando to MSN and I wrote to one of my friends that I'm not on MSN messenger these days and then it dawned on me that I have links to web versions of instant messengers that I often used (in my WWW links section).
The fact that I remembered these again means that I'm starting to relax and getting bored a bit. :P

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