Monday, 18 February 2008

First Day at Work

Well, here I am... Funny to find that Monday is a relaxed day here. Probably because many were working the weekend but today the place looks relaxed. I'm going through the forms and paperwork. Now I need to find a superannuation fund or join a standard one they are using.
Looks nice. There are windows in the office. :) It's a whole floor. Nice views, too. Got sushi for lunch. Nice and easy start. Days will go much faster now and I'm hardly waiting to move closer to the city. It took me about forty minutes to get to work this morning.
There are showers in here so it's possible to go to the gym and then have a shower and change. I'll see about cycling to work. It takes about the same amount of time from Armadale.
That's a quick post for now. It's already 1pm.

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