Wednesday, 13 February 2008


Got myself a ride today. Shogun bike, aluminum frame, nice one. Got a helmet, a lock, lights. Rode it to the city. It's much more interesting than riding on a train or a tram. Get to know the streets, see the stuff around.
For the internet, I decided to go with Unwired because they can be paid month by month without contract.
No need to get a superannuation account yet. Vanguard is looking for $20,000 initial investment, which is insane since it's a new account. Anyway, the company might have something that the others use as well so I'll see about that later.
I should send off the health insurance forms as well.

The area I'm in now is very nice for walking around, looking, dreaming...
There are bicycle paths along the Yarra River towards Toorak. I used them partially to get to the city. It's very nice and convenient. Will see how those 7.5 kilometers feels like on a separate path and without traffic lights (mostly).

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