Saturday, 9 February 2008

Saturday in Melbourne

Today I'm happy again as things are moving. Went to check some rental properties, find a few others along the way. Riding between the apartments and the agents, I probably made a dozen kilometers on a bicycle.
Saw an auction on the street. A house was sold for $480,000. It was amazing just to stand in the crowd and listen. Well, one day I'll probably laugh at this post but right now $480,000 I can only dream of. And I hope I never buy a house priced that much. Would rather spend it on travel. Probably I could go all over the world for that amount.
Later bought Saturday edition of The Age. There was probably 2 kilograms of paper, priced at $2.2. There was a couple of special editions - work, business, property, sport, cars. Checked rental ads and made a couple of inspections. The places and people look nice. I hope to hear back from them soon and finally make that move. Hardly waiting to, kind of, establish some sort of base.
Saturday night is reserved for calls back home. It's Saturday morning there and I speak to my family and friends over the net.
Getting sleepy at 10pm. This means I'm relaxing and getting into a routine. There's nothing on schedule tomorrow. No obligations. There's St.Kilda festival going on so that would be a nice way to spend the day. Just cycle South, see the beach finally, make some photos, get a feel at the festival, enjoy the day - finally!
I like it here. I keep saying this. Hope it doesn't work out as in that mail about Bosnian refugee who went to Canada.
Well, it's around 21 C during the day so I'm wearing pants and a dux. It's chilly when the wind blows and in the evening.
I'm getting into shape. Been on a bicycle the whole day and I'm not even sweating any more when I ride. And I got to know the main routes. I'm still finding better ways to move around but I generally know where I am and where I'm going so I don't have to check the iGo for street names.
Instead of going for a walk, as I originally intended, or going to see that concert in the Botanical Gardens, or just seeing what's going on in the city, I think I'm going home to sleep.
It's been a fun week. The next one could be even better as I might get that job offer and expect the callbacks from the rental places I've visited today.
Generally, there's way less stress than back home. Everything is moving smoothly...
I like it here. Yes, I do.

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