Sunday, 17 February 2008


Sunday... Again, some time to relax and stroll around the suburbs. Yesterday and today I was lazy in the morning, going out only after noon. Yesterday I've been to the city to talk to my folks in the evening. Had a nice chat with Lola around noon.
Today I've had enough of computer, defragmenting and checking disks so I decided to go out cycling towards St.Kilda. Went down the High Street to Albert Lake. The grass was so soft that I laid down in the palm shade and had a nap. Then I went around through the Formula 1 track to the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Center. The thing is big! Too bad I forgot to bring my swimming suit, otherwise I'd spend the day there.
Then down to St. Kilda and then North to Port Melbourne. Through the Docklands to the Marine. That area is quite nice and quiet. Crossed Webb Bridge to Southern Cross Station and then down the banks to Federation Square. I love the place. I have loads of photos from the trip. There is only 15MB left on the Flickr for this month so I might upload some of them later.
Tomorrow is my first working day in the Southern hemisphere. :)

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