Thursday, 7 February 2008


Yesterday and today I'm into searching for a place to live. Went to pick up current offers at some agents, visit one place where noone was ever answering the phone, call others, etc.
Heard back from the recruitment agent. She said the company I did the interview with is happy and expecting an offer soon.
Today I looked at jobs at MyCarreer for the first time. I expected to find a place to stay first and then look around before starting to work but it's such an amazing country that my plans are tumbled upside-down again.
Arranged some inspections starting tonight and throughout the weekend and the next week. If I start working on Monday it will be harder to go inspect apartments but easier since I'll know what I can afford.

I looked at some suits yesterday. The dress code at the company is business official so I need another one of those. :)
Canceled the winery tour as there is a wine festival going on the same weekend so it's gonna be packed. And I have these inspections over the weekend so I'll delay the fun until later.

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