Saturday, 22 November 2008

Full Stop

It feels as if all the options I was interested in are either achieved or unattainable at the moment.

Financially, the interest rate is falling. Markets are falling even faster. Australian Dollar is falling compared to Euro. Employment is frozen as countries are entering recession. There is no way to change the financial situation for the better.

After more than half a year, there is still no word from the military. I’m getting accustomed to the possibility that the call might come to late or not at all.

Travel wise, I’ve seen most of the metropolitan area by now. I have also been to the 12 Apostles, down the Great Ocean Road. Tomorrow I will be travelling to the South-Eastern areas, down to the coast. That would, pretty much, be it for Victoria. I still haven’t been to the mountains, further into the Alpine area but somehow I feel there would not be much new to see there, either.

I can’t be bothered playing video games, either online or offline. Sports are getting boring as the temperature rises and I have a lack of time after work with all the shopping and the usual stuff.

So, as it seems, I’m pretty much out of ideas. Wondering whether it is the time for a holiday or some change on a larger scale. We’ll see if the next holiday will do the trick.

The bad thing is that there aren’t real alternatives, either. Europe is also getting into recession so there is a lack of employment there, too. That quite limits my options for those larger-scale decisions.

Seems like a dead season at the moment.

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