Thursday, 27 November 2008

Homeless World Cup

On the way I'm cycling to work and back (and I'm obviously cycling through some interesting areas :) there are football grounds being built for the 2008 Homeless World Cup (look it up). There are two grounds at Birrarungn Marr and one at the Federation Square. The fields are almost done now. The trucks with seating are there, as well.
One of the security guards at the court was very eager to tell me what is going on. It was a very nice feeling when he noticed my interest as, I was passing by, and offered to explain the event.
The event goes around the world and, obviously, this year it is to be held in Melbourne. There are more than 40 participating countries. Expected visitors are around 100,000 people. The number of volunteers to support the event is close to 900. The game is very similar to indoor soccer. Teams have 4 players, the fields are small and the goals are a bit wide for the fields but I guess that's the point of the game.
As can be seen on the event's web site, the point of the event is to end homelessness in the world and help reach the ultimate goal of everyone having a place they call home. Hmm, that feels so close to what I'm looking for.

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