Thursday, 27 November 2008

Pansion Atomic, Jahorina

Pansion Atomic: Početak

Winter holiday at Jahorina, this year. This is probably the place where I'll stay with a whole group of people coming together. Looks beautiful.
There's already 50cm of snow on the mountains and the temperature is about -15 at Jahorina. This could be a very nice skiing season.


  1. It looks just nice, although I would never go there, as I am more appartment type. Appartment is for me more like home. That is why i always insist on renting an appartment and/or complete weekend house.

    Doeas this means that you are again coming to Bosnia?

    If it is case, plase let me know when you are on Jahorina, we could ride few slopes together, and go for a drink, or two, or... Apres ski time!

  2. I'll most probably be on Jahorina from 1st until 7th of February. This time I plan to mostly spend time in Sarajevo and around.
    Would love to see you. If you'll be there, I'll contact you. Will probably get a local mobile number as I have no roaming there with my Aussie number.

  3. I'll be then in Bosnia 99,99%.

    So, if you will be there I will try to make sure that I am on Jahorina at least one day during mentioned week.

    You know my mobile number, so try to contact me.

    We will be in touch many times before February, so there will be plenty of time to polish exact details.