Sunday, 9 November 2008

Photos: Williamstown

On Sunday I've been to Williamstown with a friend. We went to look around the town since he found a room there. Williamstown is a nice little town. Physically, it is very close to the city. Yet it feels isolated as it is separated from Melbourne by the bay, rivers, harbor, oil refinery, and Footscray. Some people call the last one Footscary.
The place is very relaxed. Most of the shops and restaurants were open. Lots of people in the parks and around water. Williamstown harbor hosts small ships that offer tours around the bay and along the rivers. There is a constant line between Williamstown and St.Kilda. I reckon, if there was a ferry between Williamstown and the City CBD, it would be very convenient to live there. Although it is only a few train stations to the city, the ferry line would make it feel even closer.
We went all around the peninsula. The area is very nice. Surrounded by water, it feels a bit isolated and quiet. Not too much traffic. Compared to other towns around Melbourne it has that feeling of being a separate town while others feel just like another suburb merged in a large metropolitan area.
There are different kinds of restaurants. We wanted to have some Japanese food but that restaurant was closed so we went to a noodles place and had a nice Chinese dish.
Sun is already close enough so I got sunburnt.

Photos are available in my albums section.
See 2008-11-09 Williamstown album.

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