Friday, 14 November 2008

Life in Oz

Not much is going on around here. The temperature was hitting 35 degrees Celsius in the past several days. Fortunately, last night there was some rain which cooled down the air and the land got its share of water (finally). This was one of those rare real rains that are quite rare to see in Melbourne. Especially during the day. I remember only one so far. While, at the same time, there were a few of those overnight ones.

The current situation in the economy is causing many companies to freeze new recruitment and rethink their strategy. This is a growing trend. Apparently the number of unemployed is to rise so it is hard to justify new employees. Especially when noone knows the extent of the current crisis nor how long it would last.

At work, it feels we’re in stone age. I have been reading about some new technologies used in the development world. Model View Controller pattern for ASP.Net, Velocity and other distributed storage solutions, Linq and Entity Framework, and other new technologies are changing the way we, developers, work. The consequences will not be felt for some time for the economic reasons above. But, I feel like during high-school days, reading about all the new stuff out there. Simply amazing.

Still arranging some details for the winter trip in January. Looking forward to seeing snow again.

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