Sunday, 16 November 2008

Photos: A Ride to St.Kilda

The temperature is back to a more normal range, which is around 20 or less. The day was quite windy but no clouds, sunny and beautiful. In the morning I decided this would be a day without a computer, otherwise I'd never get out. So, after breakfast I decided I wanted to see the Ocean. I haven't been to St. Kilda for a while and I remembered the St.Kilda Festival, my first event in Australia. It seemed so long ago and I wanted to see that area and the beach again.

I went towards the Federation Square. There was a Polish festival and the place was crowded. So I continued down the bike track towards the next bridge. At Flinders Station, I crossed to Southbank and walked towards Crown. There was a lot of people outside, sitting on the banks of the Yarra River or walking around and enjoying the day. From Crown to Port Melbourne there is a very nice bicycle track that crosses only a few roads in which there is very little traffic. There, the first sight of the ocean is tied to Spirit of Tasmania ferry.

I enjoyed slowly cycling down towards St.Kilda. The wind was quite strong. There were many kite surfers along the coast. One woman was hit by a kite in front of me and was knocked to the ground. A group of people gathered quickly and I was chasing the kite onto the road. At St.Kilda I enjoyed watching kite surfers jumping up around 4-5 meters in the air, performing loops, falling into the water... From the Pier I walked through to Albert Lake. Then, on the bicycle tracks again I went to the Formula 1 pit stop and around the lake.

There I got a bit hungry and decided to go back home, shopping and prepare some mashed potatoes and breaded calamari rings for dinner.

Photo album available here.

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