Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Preparations for the Australian Open

This morning, as I was cycling to work next to the tennis grounds, I saw preparations being made for the next Australian Open. The containers are being assembled into a temporary village for news reporters or whatever. The tennis courts are being cleaned, new fences put, ads hung around the courts.
That reminds me of the time I first came here. In January, I was watching the Australian Open on TV and waiting for the flight that was to happen in a few days. Then, I landed right after the competition was over.
Later, in March I think, it will be Formula 1 time again. Mmm... I'm getting used to this. :)


  1. Lucky you. If you have time try to visit one match on central court just to feel atmosphere there. I guess it must be something special...

    And Formula1 is on March 29, one more time first race of the season.

  2. The main court must be the Rod Laver Arena. Oh, so many people have been there recently. That's a concert hall when there are not tennis matches. :) It's a stadium with a moving top. About 200m from my house.
    Sweet. This all sounds awesome but is just something one gets used to, I guess.