Friday, 27 June 2008

East Suburbs Ride

Finally some nice weather. After getting up late this morning, I finally went out after 2pm. This time I didn't mind if I ride back in the evening. The temperature was OK. Around 17 degrees when I left home.
I followed the river to the junction to Eastern suburbs. Then followed the creek South-East. The same route I used when I went to Ashwood. Went exactly the same route all the way to Allamein station. After that I decided to explore. There were bicycle paths almost the whole way so I did not have to use roads for long. I zig-zaged towards North-East. It is so much easier now that I know where I am and what proportions of the terrain are. At one point I felt lost and it was getting dark already. That was the only time I looked at the map. I did not know the names of the suburbs I was going through. But the map just confirmed what I generally thought. Only, I did not expect I would go that far. :))
Went North all the way to Eastern Freeway and then I turned West, towards the city. At some point I crossed the Freeway and joined the cycle path I used long time ago to get towards Heidelberg. It was quite dark at that time. Still, the visibility was great even without the lights. Reflection of the lights from the city, lights from the Freeway, and the moonlight created a perfect setting. At some parts I just walked along the river, pushing the bike beside. It was a nice night. Let my mind wander.
Going through Collingwood, I met a friend! What a coincidence. I love these "supernatural" occurences. :D
I really enjoyed the ride. Rough estimate on Google Earth shows 30+ kilometers. That means, if I was to follow the path I used, it would be quite close to 40. It took only a fraction of time compared to previous rides. Must be a good exercise, improving my stamina. I prefer cycling and going through different areas than jogging, anyway. Looking forward to do the same thing tomorrow, only in some other part of the metropolitan area.
No photos today, sorry. :( There were a few great places to take photos but my camera - actually batteries - have failed me. Got a new pair of rechargeables so tomorrow should be an opportunity for a proper photo tour.

No photos, but here is the link to a map. This will make some good memories later. I sure will miss Melbourne.

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