Friday, 20 June 2008

Weekend Coming

This has been a 6-day working week and I'm looking forward to a weekend. The weather forecast is not the best. There will be a few showers. The weather has been bad in the last several days. I am getting a bit bored. Probably exploited all the options I found available. Now I first need to find something else to do and then do it.
I'm missing the nature quite a bit. Remembering the trips across different areas of Bosnia, riding through fields and across mountains.
When thinking about the holidays, I'm sure they will pass quickly and I will not have opportunity to do the things I like. That's the kind of holiday I hate. So, now I promise to myself to do only the things I like during the trip home. :D
On the other hand, everything is probably alright. I should just let the time go by. Everything will take care of itself (or will it? :). Blah, that has never been my motto. I believe we create our own present and future and we do it in every moment. That's why I don't want to waste time.

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