Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Online Activity

Phew, since it's been cold and gets dark early, I've been quite proactive online. Maintaining a few blogs and web sites is quite interesting for the moment. I've redesigned the web sites to use templates so it's very easy to maintain them and add new content even when I have no time to spend on design. Now I can simply create a new page from a template and start typing.

I also completed an application that takes care of photo upload to Flickr, creating links, thumbnails, and all the rest. So now album creation takes a few clicks only. I don't have to do anything to images except copy them to my hard disk and use the program to upload them, then paste the link into the album page, that's created from an album template.

Also, I've created a few active pages. Used Google App Engine to finally create a contact form. Now I have a link on my web site(s) that open a form where visitors can contact me - send me an email, without revealing my email address on the site to avoid the spam bots.
And, I'm using a redirector at http://alen.appspot.com to open my start page. This was impossible so far on googlepages, since Google Pages always open their templated page, which is not what I want.
I also found a .Net hosting that supports latest .Net framework (3.5). Now I can create some more active content. The foundation is laid for application development as I'm looking to create some useful Facebook application.

So, finally I've had a few, rather small, achievements which make me a bit happy. After disastruous situation at the markets, this is something that I'm occupied with until the holiday time. :)

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