Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Euro 2008

Amid all the projects we are (not) doing, there is Euro 2008 coming up. Actually, it's already here and we found about it two days before the start. Now, we need a few guys in the night shifts to cover for potential problems. This ruins our plans and project management and, for the n-th time again, proves the old adage - do whatever you're told as long as you're being paid for it. Too bad one can not work for a company that does not have to report to anyone and constantly be happy and amazed by the new technologies.
Should I even mention that I'm more and more inclined to go somewhere closer to my family and friends and (since I'll be working for a long, long time in the future) use that little spare time left to spend with them.
Guess I'm still, kind-of, hoping to find a bag full of dollar bills and live free and happy ever after. :P
This goes along with Lola's dreams being shattered, as well. This is kind of hide and seek game with balancing between earning a living and missing the time we could spend together.
Hope these will be the days that I'll one day (reading this blog) remember and laugh at, and not the ones that will make me mention the "good old days". :))

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