Wednesday, 18 June 2008


The water is off in the house. There is an emergency repair down the street. Coming back from work I saw the guys digging a hole in the road. Up the street, near our house, there was something that resembled a yacht as I approached. Coming closer, I saw it was a sort of a trailer, similar to a large camping caravan. There was a water truck in front of it. Ha, I thought, they must've brought in the water truck for the area. That would've been obvious. In front of that one there was a fire truck. All of them surrounded by orange cones. Something was funny. A bit further up the street, there were the strong ambient lights, vehicles, and people around. Hm, it looked like a preparation for filming.
A bit later we find the water truck is not for the area but just in case, for the filming crew. Also, there is Nicholas Cage sitting in the caravan right across the road. Apart from the coolness factor how likely is this to happen back home? If I was a bit more passionate I could go and ask for an autograph or something but I'm not overly excited. I'm quite happy about the Australian market index rising up again today. That brings me closer to my goals and, hopefully, the time when I'll be as excited about having Nicholas Cage across the street filming a new release as the girls next door.
Oh, apparently, this is his third movie filmed in Melbourne. That's Australia. (the last is a phrase from a show "That's America")

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