Thursday, 26 June 2008


I'm looking into "instant cash" options for "making money online". The "industry" has advanced in the past few years. There must be loads of scam but I'd expect to see at least a few regular options, as well. I've applied for a few survey sites and some ad-watching options and I wonder how long will I be able to keep doing that. Probably I'll have enough by the beginning of the next week. :)

The day is getting longer. It is not that cold anymore. Or, maybe, this is because I have recovered from cold and I feel much better. And the rain is gone, btw, so at least there is a good feeling watching out the window and seeing blue sky and the Sun during the day.

I hope the market hit the bottom and should be moving upwards slowly. This should create some hope for the future.

My holidays are nearing closer and that makes me really happy. :D

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