Friday, 13 June 2008

Microsoft Event

The partnership event yesterday was interesting. There was an introductory note from Gartner about how workplace is about to change in the future. Hopefully the thing about working from anywhere will become true and it would happen before I'm 80 so that it can be enjoyed for a while.
Later sessions on SQL and Visual Studio were informative but it was more interesting just to be there rather than see something new and amazing. I've seen a few interesting details related to these products but the presenters mostly focused on some new features. It was not the marketing hype but they showed some valuable features that are new to these products. I was thinking how long would it take for companies to migrate to these products. We are still using VB 6.0 and .Net 1.1. :S What use is talking about SQL 2008 and Silverlight?! I'd prefer to spend some time and unify the platform within the company rather than to have all these disparate technologies floating around.

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