Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Service Suitability Check

Talked to my case manager from the ADF Recruitment. The Service Suitability Check may take 6-8 weeks. This is needed to confirm I'm suitable to continue with the process. Now, this may coincide with my annual leave in August, so things will be prolonged more than I expected. The soonest date I could start is now well off in September. This means I might not need to do the physical training preparations after all. :))
Anyway, that's the news about the recruitment process. Not really encouraging. Since it's been mid-June that I faxed the last requested document, it looks that the end of the 6-weeks period happens to be at the end of July. Until it happens earlier than that, I'll continue with the process after the holidays.


  1. hey mate what was the result from your service suitabilty check? im waiting on a result at the moment to let me know if i can return to the RAAF as a pilot aswell?

  2. Hi!
    They've never received the information back from my home country I guess. Nevertheless, I was told that for RAAF the check is not required. It is only needed for the Army and the Navy.
    I decided to go ahead with RAAF application but then they asked for more documents from overseas at which point I gave up. It has been more than a year and no progress at all so I decided that was it.
    Good luck with the application!