Saturday, 12 July 2008

EmailCash, Mobux, Reward Points

I added links to a couple of sites that have some useful features. EmailCash, an Australian site, that offers different promotions and has an option to redeem the points into cash once a certain amount is accumulated.

They are affiliated to Mobux, which has the similar concept but is limited to mobile phone stuff. A useful thing is that the mobile phone can be recharged through Mobux, earning bonus points at both Mobux and EmailCash. These can be exchanged for call credit (lower price for the next recharge slip), SMS messages, etc. The recharge number comes in an sms, which is practical to store directly on the phone.

Since PennyTel is going to start to charge for SMS messages on the 1st of August, Mobux SMS could be a better option. They give 300 points for clicking on Flash ads on their site and I believe 1 SMS would cost 10 points.

Links on the online business page and Australian mobile providers on the web site.

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