Saturday, 8 March 2008


Moved to a new place today. Went to Ikea to buy a bed and the accompanying stuff. The bed will be delivered tomorrow and the rest I took home today. Tonight I'm gonna sleep in my own bed. :)
Tonight there was fireworks at the Yarra river. There are some beautiful scenes I saw last night so I'm thinking about going there in the evening and take some night photos.
Tomorrow I'm going to a picnic to Mt.Dandenong. Apparently it's beautiful there and the weather should be nice. It was very warm today. So, it should be a nice weekend.
I expect to post more often now that I have internet at home and in my free time. Probably I'll become more Internet-active than in the last month or so.
Everything is well and I feel so good. As good as when I just arrived here.
The link to the bed is here.

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