Thursday, 6 March 2008


Another day at work. It's quite interesting as I'm researching the abilities of SharePoint 2007, Team Foundation Server 2008, web services... Need to integrate some older systems so we're looking how to implement some of the options offered by the new versions of software packages available these days.
Friends keep in touch so that keeps me posting. :) Haven't been posting a lot in the past period but that's because I'm lazy. That would be the single most important reason. Australia is quite easy to live in so I'm becoming more and more relaxed.
And, I've been at the dinner with the new housemates and I'm looking forward to moving to the new place during the coming weekend. I'll have Internet at home there, finally, so I'll be able to keep in touch regularly, post new items to the blog, and upload more photos to Flickr.
Looking forward to seeing F1 race live on 15th.
The stand for the camera is doing it's job so I'm starting to make some nice night photos. The city looks completely different at night so the photos should be interesting. The view from the front door of the new house is magnificent. There are trees in the alley and parks in front and, above them, the skyscrapers in the city in all different colors. Maybe I even catch some of the small possums that come to the back yard at night (on photos, of course).
Now I need to see about delivery at Ikea so that I can get a bed/mattress, sheets and other stuff I'll need in the new room. :)

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