Saturday, 1 March 2008


Today I got up earlier very eager to go to Belgrave and Mt.Dandenong. Prepared lunch and some fruit for the day, got on a train with the bicycle. Stepped out at Richmond in order to change trains but then - disappointment. There were works on the railroad and the line was connected by buses. I decided to change destination, so I went all the way to Epping. Later I remembered that I could have cycled the distance that was operated by buses and continue on a train to Belgrave, but... Too late. Anyway, Epping was nice. It was the end of urban area so I still got to walk in the hills. Photos should be posted soon, together with Albert Park Lake photos. Spent some time in the hills north of Epping and then decided to go to Pakville. Went on a train to Victoria Gardens and then thought to cycle West towards Parkville but was sleepy a bit. Looking at a map I saw a better destination - Yarra Bend Park (or whataver the correct name is). It was right there near the train station. The area is beautiful. People playing cricket, cycling, jogging, walking, rowing boats... I had a sleep in the shade at a golf field. Then I decided to go home, pick up a laptop and go to Fed Square to chat back home. So went straight South, crossed the river and saw Ikea. It was still open, so I went in and spend more than hour there. Would be there even longer but they closed at 6pm. I was amazed at the amount of products offered there. They had everything needed for home. Found beds, mattresses, sheets, pillows... Kitchenware, book shelves, cases... After Ikea closed, I went down to Kmart. All I could see was clothes. The area is enormous. They closed at 6, too, so I decided to go there tomorrow and see what they have. I might need some things for the new room. Those woolen rugs at Ikea were just marvelous. 100% Wool, soft, and thick. Perfect.
Another nice day. Although the plan to go to Mt.Dandenong didn't work out, it still turned out very good. There are so many areas to explore. I'm getting quite accustomed to the city, finding my way around.

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