Monday, 24 March 2008

Living at the Coast

Yesterday, as I was cycling down beside the Ocean I thought how stupid it was not to remember to bring swimming suit. It's difficult to get used to living by the coast.
The water temperature is almost constant. There were many people swimming in the Ocean. I could have cycled, get a swim to cool down as it was a warm and sunny day, and then go back. Habits are not easy to change. This also shows that it's hard to encompass many circumstances in one's mind. It's still difficult to remember to bring a helmet, lights, water bottle, keys, camera, and other necessities. I don't like carrying extra clothing, which might be needed in Melbourne if suddenly Southern wind blows. Fortunately, rain can pretty much be ignored here. It is extremely rare (I mean the real rain, that can get you wet, actually :), and does not last long, anyway. So far I may have seen two, only.
The beaches are marvelous. Had I gone a few kilometers further, I'd get to Frankston beach, which is quite long. Well, that could be a task for next weekend. Next time I'm getting a train down and then cycle from there on.
This is such a nice place to live.

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