Wednesday, 12 March 2008


Today I walked to work. Takes about half an hour to get to the office and is quite nice, just strolling down the river. Checked with the people at Rialto, should get a secure cage for the bicycle and then I'll cycle to work. That seems the best way, I admit. Tried the tram yesterday but I can't stand waiting at the station. It's too static. :) Trains are useless at this distance and walking is just too slow and tiring. So, bike to the rescue, again.
Got a few nice night-mode photos tonight. Walked around the cricket ground and tennis courts where the Australian Open is held. A few concerts advertised at Rod Laver arena. Quite unusual to see all these things around.
Work is great. Finally doing some higher-level stuff, diagrams of the architecture and alike. Days pass so quickly, I don't even notice.
Cooked dinner for the housemates after work. Turned out well. Still need to adjust the amounts a bit.
Got a really good feeling of how things worked out so far.
I love it here.

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