Sunday, 23 March 2008

HMVS Cerberus

Another lazy day. Finally got out for a bike ride at 3pm. Cycled down St.Kilda Road to the end of Albert Park, then towards the coast and down the ocean line. Went a bit South of Sandringham. The path appeared to go on forever. Amazingly, the length is just above 20km again. :) I measure it in Google Earth. That's another 40km ride. I used to be amazed by such distances when I heard others talk about it but now I find it's nothing special.
I decided to turn back just at the point where there is a semi-sunken ship. Well, it sunk but is still a bit above water so might be interesting to do a dive there. It's HMVS Cerberus. Location S:37.58'02.43", E: 145.00'28.81".
There are a few photos, of course. Will post them later.

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