Sunday, 20 March 2011

A Response to a Video on Genetic Origins of Croats, on YouTube

This is a response to a video "PORIJEKLO HRVATA(najnovija genetička istraživanja) !" on YouTube. Since the reply box there does not allow as much text, I decided to write a response here.

I can't find any links to relevant studies that support what you state here. If we are to believe the genetic research from the past several years (that's what is said in the video) then why list so many books when you, yourself, have said that books are not to be trusted?
Also, why was it easier to assimilate to tens of thousands of words from Slavic vocabulary than to keep more than one thousand of those of German origin?
These things make no sense and I see no link to a relevant study that would support different point of view.
Another dubious statement is that all the I haplogroup in Bosnia comes from Herzegovinian Croats. In 1991 census, about 17% of Bosnian population were Croats. How is it possible that genetic studies ( show that circa 60% of Bosnian population has I haplogroup?
I, personally, can't accept posts from public wiki where authors are "Istrazivac", "CHM8318", "Dadas", "Hu1", "Yoshamya", "Cesljugar", etc. While these people may have background knowledge, the material should have references to scientific texts, of which there is none on the linked page.
Just my $0.02 on the topic.

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