Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Changing Accommodation

Couple of days ago I decided to change accommodation. I thought it would be nice to move to another part of town, have some new experiences, meet some new people and places to go out. Change of routine would be quite welcome. I felt I needed to change something to be on the edge again. So I applied for a couple of ads for accommodation in different areas of Melbourne. 

However, just as with some other things, when the opportunities came close to realization I was in position to really see whether I want that or not. And, yes, I found I really have no need to move from the place I am now, in Altona. I love the surroundings here. There's not too many places for socializing but it is really quiet and peaceful for the same reason. I started appreciating the advantages this place has over anything else.

Fortunately, just before I was supposed to go check a place that looked the closest to actually hapenning, things changed and the advertiser found someone else. Instead of being disappointed, I was quite relieved and glad I don't have to move. Not to mention packaging things, updating the address, and other things that accompany moving accommodation. I guess now I feel as happy as being here as if I moved to a new place.

Mission accomplished. 

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