Sunday, 20 March 2011

Bosnian History Books

Following the idea of supporting the historical writings about the region of former Yugoslavia and, specifically, geographic area of Bosnia and Herzegovina, I have started assembling books available on the internet. Here are the links to material I have found are re-hosted so far. Books larger than 50MB have been compressed and split using free 7-zip, so you will need this program to unpack the books.
The books are located in my shared Bosnia directory.
  • Povijest Bosne I, Muvekkit (part 1/2, part 2/2)
  • Povijest Bosne II, Muvekkit (part 1/2, part 2/2)
  • Bibliografija objavljenih izvora i literature o srednjovjekovnoj Bosni 1978-2000, Esad Kurtovic -  (link)
  • Putopis, Evlija Celebi (part 1, part 2, part 3)
  • Srednjovjekovna Bosna, Nada Klaic (link)
There is also the book I scanned years ago, "Povijest Bosne do propasti kraljevstva" by Klaic. More info here.

Some novels deserve to be included here as they give a historical perspective of the region.
  • Na Drini cuprija, Ivo Andric (link)

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