Saturday, 5 March 2011

Football Practice

Someone at work organized a football (or soccer) practice. In the announcement email it sounded too official and competitive as a league was mentioned. Plus, just the word "practice" sounded like training rather than something fun. So I did not immediately respond.

After a week or two, I found out that the practice was nothing like what I thought it would be but exactly the opposite - it was exactly something I was looking for. Usually, at the practice, there would be more than ten people so two decent teams could be organized. The practice was simply - playing football for a couple of hours at a grass field in the park. The parks are well maintained and the grass is just perfect for playing games outdoors. I loved it.

The running shoes I used to play the first game broke as they were not meant for this sort of activity. Later I found a proper football shoes and now playing is a pleasure. At the first match it was raining heavily and it felt so good as it reminded me of home. Playing in the rain would be common. Except that it is usually a bit colder than in Melbourne.

These practices are now going once a week and I really enjoy it is it seems like such a good way to get some exercise without it becoming boring. We probably run more than during an average jogging session but nobody really notices it. It only becomes obvious once a person can't even walk and has to swap positions with a goalie, to get some rest.

Now, the Summer leaving seems pretty obvious in the Southern hemisphere. Wonder what the games will be like in a couple of weeks as it gets colder. Maybe track suits would be enough. After all, it does not get too cold in Melbourne but it does get dark soon so that might be an issue rather than rain and cold temperatures.

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