Monday, 15 March 2010

Moved to Altona

The Altona move has been completed over the weekend. Everything has fallen into place in those two days. I got Toyota Corolla at the rent-a-car and moved the majority of the things in two rides. It was a funny thing playing Sokoban in my mind while packing the things into the car.

On Sunday I finally found the hanger stand, which I missed in Ikea on Saturday. The Internet access has been arranged with the owner so by Sunday night all was all set. Now even my SIP clients for VoIP work without any problems.

Monday was also good. First real trip to work on a train after two years. I have to say I got exactly what I was looking for. When I walk through the town towards the pier I can smell the salt in the air. On the way to work, in the morning Sun, I can see the blue vastness of the ocean. Now I’m going to enjoy this feeling for a while. Until the times comes for a new adventure.

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