Saturday, 25 April 2009

Online Fantasy and Strategy Games (Free)

I decided to try out some of the new online games and post the results. The focus is on the free games. So far I can recommend the following:

  • Rubies of Eventide (link) - similar to World of Warcraft. Downloadable client 320MB.
And all of the UMGE titles (link):
  • Evony (link) - browser-based game. Done in Flash and very much resembles The Age of Empires. The first proper browser-based game I'm aware of. Shows what these games are supposed to look like.
  • Surge of Valor (link) - downloadable MMORPG client.
  • Leuric (link) - browser-based Flash game with Vikings and Atlantians.
Other games:
  • Warrior Epic (link), downloadable client
  • Glory of Fellowland (link), browser based
  • King War (link)
  • Travian - browser based
  • Adventure Quest (link)
  • 1483 online (link)
  • Holy War (link)
  • Tagoria (link)
  • Cabal Online (link)
  • Silkroad
  • Ikariam, and others (link)
  • Quake Live (link)
Lists of games:

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