Sunday, 26 April 2009

iGENEA: Bosnia and Herzegovina

Genetic analysis for Bosnia. It appears that Illyrian traces are the most present in Bosnian genetic pool.

Indigenous Peoples in Bosnia-Herzegovina Illyrian 40 % Teuton 20 % Celtic 15 % Slav 15 % Hunnians 6 % Thracians 4 %

See the link below (in German):

iGENEA: DNA Genealogy, Ancestry, Surname


  1. Well my dear blogger,
    Nothing surprising really, I tested myself with and found out I was I2a,Semitic Illyrians gene. Why do you think such a small group of Bosniaks is able to withstand thousands years of foreign attack?
    Bosnia is just one of the kingdoms given to Abraham's progeny..
    all the best..

  2. Thanks for the comment. I found a map of the Balkans and surrounding areas at
    Just wondering which year that refers to. Might need to check the encyclopedia to put it into historical context.

    I guess the gene testing will only support the map of human migration at National Geographic's Genographic Project
    where people will finally understand that we all, in essence, come from a handful of people.

  3. Albanians are fanatic primitives, they are now opposing pure genetic evidence and continue to call themselves "the only illyrians" when they actually are less so than the bosnians. Omg the primitve hillbilly albanians have found themselves opposing genetics, they dont even know what dna is!!

  4. Not all Albanians oppose the dna evidence and illyrian origin of bosnians. It's just that the most loud are remains of nationalistic propaganda of 19. century where it was necessary to provide national pride and reason for territorial gains. Like in Serbia or other neighboring nationalistic countries that fanaticism still prevails. If anything we as bosnians should learn from their mistakes and not be so narrow-minded and fanatic.

  5. Bosnians have a largest portion of Ilirian genes then any other people of today times and borders with 40% Ilirians DNA. Second are Croats with 34% and so on.

  6. Bosnians have 44% Albanians 30% Croats 30% Serbs 20% these are the fact's, i heard that 50% of the italians have illyrian dna but they dont want to show it, in spain there is a place i dont know the name and the percentage is 40%.. the rumors say that the highest percentage of the illyrian dna is in kosovo 90%.

  7. "Heard" and "rumors" are not very good indicators, don't you think?