Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Svjetlana Cenic Interview at Sarajevo-X

INTERVJU ZA SARAJEVO-X.COM: Svetlana Cenić: "Ovdje će biti revolucije" -

A great summary of the political situation in Bosnia given by Svjetlana Cenic. Not much has changed for the better in recent times and she even foresees some kind of revolution or a similar social upheaval.
I think that would show that people have some initiative after all and so it is not likely to happen. Unfortunately.


  1. I am born in Macedonia, part of the whole - at a certain point of time....sad how people just cant be satisfied with what they got and how they cant co-exist together...weird, cuz in USA (where I live now) - its a melting pot of different nationalities and races and eventhough you can tell they dont ALL like each other - somehow it all flows without too big of upheaval

  2. I know exactly what you mean. Still haven't figured out why it works elsewhere but not there. There's a lot of history working out, I guess. Some things that never happened before are finally finding their way through - nation building, independence, etc. Hope people soon realize that with independence comes responsibility and go from there.