Monday, 14 April 2008

Holiday Feeling

I still, after almost three months, have this feeling I'm on a holiday somewhere. Going to work, traveling on a train, riding a bicycle, shopping, walking around the city, watching the ocean... all of these still feel too strange and beautiful that it's hard to get used to the fact that I'm actually living here. It's hard to make long term plans (and stick to them) and say whether I'll be living here and how long but I'm glad I'm becoming part of this. Wherever I go from now I'll know that, not "there somewhere" but at an exactly defined place, there are people living normal lives, system functioning in a normal and beautiful way, where the weather is great, something to amaze me every day, where people are friendly and smiling, wishing you a beautiful day and eager to help, where the nature is simply amazing... I'm tired even of listing these things over and over again. It's easier just to "roll" the film of thoughts in front of my eyes. I'm sure that, wherever I go I'll be remembering and comparing beautiful Melbourne to wherever I happen to be.
My housemates are calling for dinner. This is just like a fairy tale...

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