Monday, 14 April 2008


Yesterday, Sunday, I went with a friend on a cycle tour to Western suburbs, along the coast of the bay. The idea was to get near the end of the train line, in the vicinity of Weribee and then cycle back towards the city, explore the area, see the aircraft museum, former airforce base, RAAF lakes, and what not. Apparently, there is a new bicycle track, called Federation Trail, so we thought to have a look at it, as well.
The train stopped at Newport, there were works on the line, so we continued down to Williamstown and then followed the trail West. That trail was the best we've seen so far around Melbourne. So many coastal parks and wetlands areas, different birds, black rocks on the shore, yellow sand, lakes inland, beautiful houses, rivers and streams... My camera was having troubles with the batteries. I don't recharge them often enough so the number of photos is limited. The views were beautiful. Altona has that feel of a nice place to live, as opposed to areas next to it.
We went to the end of the trail, met an older German couple, then crossed fences into wetlands areas, investigating where the stream flows into the ocean. They have been looking for it for the past two years.
The way back was an adventure in itself, following the railroad tracks. Riding through endless rows of houses made me sick. Can't imagine living in a settlement like that. Those close to parks and reserves were perfect as the kids could go out and play in the open, but those houses packed next to each other are just disgusting.
We decided there were a few areas worth visiting again so we have a few targets for some of the Sundays to come.
Photos to follow.

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