Monday, 14 April 2008

Driving Instructions

Started with the driving lessons today. Actually, what I need to do is to get used to a car, then to slightly different rules and driving on the left and to get comfortable with the route used for the testing. And all that just to have a valid driving license as I won't be able to drive with the Bosnian one after three months after arrival. My driving instructor is from Sarajevo! How cool is that?! So it was quite fun talking about home in our local language while driving around Melbourne. :)
I'll go driving one hour each Monday to get used to the order in which certain things need to be done - look into the mirror, then turn on the pointer lights, then look across the shoulder, etc. I guess that will be OK and after this I might go and do the motorcycle license as well.
Prices for the driving instructions are $35 per hour + $150 for the testing day. This last cost was a bit of a surprise but, hey, there's a "free" lesson included in that price. :)

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