Sunday, 10 January 2010


For years I’ve been using the free Canopus Astrology Software to analyze the people I know. I found it to be pretty accurate in interpretations of the positions of the planets. Sometimes too accurate, for it’s own good.

Well, the software is retired for a long time now. But there is some good news. Clairvision has a new, online, version of the software available at

It is so much easier to use and can produce all the charts and interpretations as images and PDFs. The Clairvision Virtual Astrologer is located at From this link you can load and save your chart files with individual’s details and go from there. All the options are easily available from the menu.


  1. Hey Alan,

    Do you know the Clairvision School in Sydney has some free talks and workshops in Feb?

    The school offers so much more than just the awesome astrology knowledge!



  2. oops and then I realised you were in Melbourne :)

    worth visiting to see what's happening there too!

  3. Hey, Max!
    Thanks a lot for the links! I am quite keen to learn more about Clairvision. Glad to see there is a meditation workshop happening in Melbourne soon.