Friday, 15 January 2010


With my last day at Sportsbet, I feel like I finally sorted out my relation to betting. Now I quite enjoy watching sports on TVs that hang around the office and I think I’m going to miss that from now on. I also don’t mind betting and see it as a fun activity. Nothing productive and/or special but at least it does not have negative connotations anymore.

Farewell, this is the end of an era. Also a beginning of a new and interesting one!


  1. Last day at Sportsbet? New job? Anything exciting?

  2. Yes! I'm in a position of a Solutions Architect now. Doing lots of things that I really enjoy. No time for regular posts to blogs but check
    I'm posting some stuff there that I'm researching at the moment, like coding standards, source code repository organization, etc.

  3. I understood that you are going to be a Solutions Architect, but I thought that position is at same company...

  4. Aaah, no. Got an offer from another company and moved out of the betting industry.