Monday, 1 December 2008

Homeless World Cup is On

Coming back from work, I noticed that the Homeless World Cup has started today. There was just enough time to see two matches tonight - East Timor vs Malawi, and India vs Philippines. The last match was very good. Dynamic play, lots of energy. They really showed why the stadiums are so small. There were some nice moves and lots of opportunities. In a way, it is a pity Philippines lost, since I had a feeling they played a bit better.

Nonetheless, the event is on. The schedule is available online at the organization's web site I'm looking forward to seeing the evening matches on my way back home. There are lots of European countries among participants. Matches will run until 6, 7pm usually so I will probably catch only a few last matches. Which will be just enough, anyway.

Matches last for about 10 minutes, with about one minute in between. Three players plus a goalkeeper. The size of the field is very small. About two decent rooms area. So the game is quite interesting to watch. On Federation Square the match can be watched on the main video screen, just above the stadium.

Now I see how much I miss playing, or just watching, football (sorry, soccer).

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